Restoring Music

Restoring sheet music of Schubert’s Incidental Music from Rosamunde, a classical piece no longer in print. The original music was scanned by hand at Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library at Harvard University. The original music is yellowed and damaged from age. When printed on white paper it was very difficult to read.


The final piece is fully restored with a strong black and white contrast. The yellow paper, damaged areas and black borders seen from the original scans were all corrected and each piece was centered for consistent margins throughout. Upon request, the German vocals are repeated for each part with some correction when needed, the original font was used for a consistent look throughout.

Schubert Rosamunde PV Score (dragged)-Restorpg1 copy.jpg

See it performed live by the Concert Singers of Cary with the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle on October 9, 2016! Tickets available Now.


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