Pantone Tritone Postcards


The tri-tone postcard collection was designed for Pantone Ink. The goal was to create mailers that showcased their product with high-intensity color. After picking a common theme (animals) the images were selected. To make the postcards more interesting the images were cropped in such a way that the animals eye was the main focus but enough of the original image was left so that the animal was still identifiable. Focusing on the eye was a way of connecting the viewer with the animal and the image, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Each image was edited in Photoshop to include a tri-tone color match to showcase the Pantone inks. Each cover featured the Pantone logo name and a custom quirky quote based on the animal photograph found on each postcard. The back of the postcards showcased the three official Pantone colors used in addition to the designers name. Half the card is left blank to comply with APO regulation.


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